Why are Christian Louboutin Shoes in Red Soles

If you ask women about what shoes they want, the answer is most likely a red-soles. Certainly not just a red soles but the brand Christian Louboutin.

Brand shoes are well known exclusively and easily recognizable thanks to the red soles. Women who wear it will appear luxury instantly. But do you know why the designer chooses to paint the bottom of his shoes with the color?

The red color selection for the shoe soles of Christian Louboutin does have his own story. Reported by Christian Louboutin, the idea was at the beginning of his career as a garden gardener. At the time, the French designer was inspired by his assistant’s nail polish.

After seeing the nail polish, Christian steals it and starts using it to paint a black-coloured shoe. The 54 year old man wanted to see what it looks like if the soles were painted in red. After that, Christian immediately fell in love with the results. From then on, he produced all his shoes with a red soles.

Of course, Christian is no longer painting the soles of his shoes with a red color. Christian was not long ago launching nail polish similar to the color that inspired the iconic details of the brand. Named ‘ Rouge Louboutin ‘, it is said if the nail polish is just like the Sol Christian Louboutin.

This fact is revealed from the book Christian Louboutin Rizzoli Book which was launched some time ago. In addition to that fact, there are also other unique things about the father of the two children. For example, Christian who always designs shoes outside of Paris. He usually searches for hot locations to design the Summer collection and cool locations for the Winter collection. He has also appeared in the Chinese film My Best friend’s Wedding.

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