These Beautiful Shoes Are Made from Used Paper Bags

For the renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin, inspiration can come from anywhere. No exception from secondhand paper bags.

For the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection, Louboutin ‘ conjure up ‘ scrap bags from his boutiques and studios into a beautiful row of shoes.

The material that was recycled by the 54 Designer of the year was a piece of paper from the bag commonly used as a shopping bag for guests. Louboutin then use it as an interior coated with transparent PVC material as a protector.

Expressed Sarah Schneider as Marketing & Communication Executive Christian Louboutin for the Asian region, this was her first time Louboutin experimented with scrap paper for her iconic red-Sol shoe collection.

“He never did this before. So this is really something new and fresh, “said Sarah when the event previews the Fall-Winter collection of 2018/2019 in the boutique Christian Louboutin Plaza Indonesia, central Jakarta.

The models are diverse, ranging from flat shoes, ankle boots, and stilettos with tapered front ends (pointed). Not only shoes, but also bags in the tote silhouette are enough to accommodate all the daily necessities.

Another unique offer from Louboutin for this season is the heels with decorations in the form of a genuine cloth meter. Suitable for women who want to appear fun without leaving an elegant impression.

Another Highlight of this Fall-Winter collection is the classic flat shoes ‘ Love ‘ series that comes with a touch of contemporary. This shoe is identical to the ‘ shoe cleavage ‘, which is a part of the foot fingers. The classic version, said Sarah, is the late favorite of Princess Diana. This time, the Love series comes with a witty accent.

Galian inspiration Louboutin for the season is arguably very diverse. Completing the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection, Louboutin also drew inspiration from furniture design. Visible from the rights made as a table support in retro style.

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