The Story Behind Christian Louboutin’s Heels

Christian Louboutin’s name soared to a list of famous shoe brands along with the towering red-soled heels that characterized his shoes.

Unlike other shoe designers, Louboutin still maintains a high high heels concept with red soles in its flagship product.

Because of its high altitude, Louboutin shoes are also known as the female foot mentor.

Although the women were pleased to be tortured by continuing to hunt down the high-cost shoes of Louboutin. Actually what is the reason why Louboutin designed this ‘ torturing ‘ shoe?

Here’s the disclosure, quoted from DailyMail. This famous designer reveals, he hates with the whole concept of comfort.

According to Louboutin, comfortable flat shoes are like a bad love relationship.

As someone said: “Well, we are not too in love with each other but we are in a comfortable relationship “, you limit many ideas when you feel it is comfortable.

Next Louboutin reveals why his shoe soles are brightly lit red. The main purpose of Louboutin’s work is not to please women, but is dedicated to pleasing men.

According to Louboutin, men like bull, can not resist when looking at the red color. Then does Louboutin really not care about the desires of women? Apparently not.

During this time, Louboutin also observed the consumers of women who came and tried his shoes.

Louboutin reveals, these women don’t even look towards her feet when trying a pair of shoes.

They stood in front of the glass and saw their posture, the chest and also their buttocks, from the side, from the front side, and so on.

When they find the desired appearance, they will realize the presence of the shoe. It is obvious that many women who do choose shoes more as a buffer and the forming of their posture rather than just comfortable footwear.

With these ‘torturing’ shoes they always remember to walk gracefully, to uphold their bodies and so on.

Even though, Louboutin also sells flat shoes and sandals, but everything is made with a high-level decorative, designed more for a style than a comfort.

With a price of $595 for the most simple product, the collection of Christian Louboutin shoes is still the must have items of fashionistas because these shoes have switched functions from just being footwear.