How to Pronounce Christian Louboutin

Sо hоw tо уоu gеt thе pronunciation оf Christian Louboutin right? Whаt іѕ thе Typical French pronunciation оf Christian Louboutin?

Christian Louboutin (born 7 January 1963) іѕ a French fashion designer whоѕе high-end stiletto footwear incorporates shiny, red-lacquered soles thаt hаvе bесоmе hіѕ signature. (wikipedia)
Thе brand/company іѕ аlѕо famous fоr іtѕ men’s footwear, handbags, fragrances аnd makeup.

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The Story Behind Christian Louboutin’s Heels

Christian Louboutin’s name soared to a list of famous shoe brands along with the towering red-soled heels that characterized his shoes.

Unlike other shoe designers, Louboutin still maintains a high high heels concept with red soles in its flagship product.

Because of its high altitude, Louboutin shoes are also known as the female foot mentor.

Although the women were pleased to be tortured by continuing to hunt down the high-cost shoes of Louboutin. Actually what is the reason why Louboutin designed this ‘ torturing ‘ shoe?

Here’s the disclosure, quoted from DailyMail. This famous designer reveals, he hates with the whole concept of comfort.

According to Louboutin, comfortable flat shoes are like a bad love relationship.

As someone said: “Well, we are not too in love with each other but we are in a comfortable relationship “, you limit many ideas when you feel it is comfortable.

Next Louboutin reveals why his shoe soles are brightly lit red. The main purpose of Louboutin’s work is not to please women, but is dedicated to pleasing men.

According to Louboutin, men like bull, can not resist when looking at the red color. Then does Louboutin really not care about the desires of women? Apparently not.

During this time, Louboutin also observed the consumers of women who came and tried his shoes.

Louboutin reveals, these women don’t even look towards her feet when trying a pair of shoes.

They stood in front of the glass and saw their posture, the chest and also their buttocks, from the side, from the front side, and so on.

When they find the desired appearance, they will realize the presence of the shoe. It is obvious that many women who do choose shoes more as a buffer and the forming of their posture rather than just comfortable footwear.

With these ‘torturing’ shoes they always remember to walk gracefully, to uphold their bodies and so on.

Even though, Louboutin also sells flat shoes and sandals, but everything is made with a high-level decorative, designed more for a style than a comfort.

With a price of $595 for the most simple product, the collection of Christian Louboutin shoes is still the must have items of fashionistas because these shoes have switched functions from just being footwear.

Why are Christian Louboutin Shoes in Red Soles

If you ask women about what shoes they want, the answer is most likely a red-soles. Certainly not just a red soles but the brand Christian Louboutin.

Brand shoes are well known exclusively and easily recognizable thanks to the red soles. Women who wear it will appear luxury instantly. But do you know why the designer chooses to paint the bottom of his shoes with the color?

The red color selection for the shoe soles of Christian Louboutin does have his own story. Reported by Christian Louboutin, the idea was at the beginning of his career as a garden gardener. At the time, the French designer was inspired by his assistant’s nail polish.

After seeing the nail polish, Christian steals it and starts using it to paint a black-coloured shoe. The 54 year old man wanted to see what it looks like if the soles were painted in red. After that, Christian immediately fell in love with the results. From then on, he produced all his shoes with a red soles.

Of course, Christian is no longer painting the soles of his shoes with a red color. Christian was not long ago launching nail polish similar to the color that inspired the iconic details of the brand. Named ‘ Rouge Louboutin ‘, it is said if the nail polish is just like the Sol Christian Louboutin.

This fact is revealed from the book Christian Louboutin Rizzoli Book which was launched some time ago. In addition to that fact, there are also other unique things about the father of the two children. For example, Christian who always designs shoes outside of Paris. He usually searches for hot locations to design the Summer collection and cool locations for the Winter collection. He has also appeared in the Chinese film My Best friend’s Wedding.

Christian Louboutin Release Luxury Shoes Themed Star Wars

The Latest movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi will soon be release next week. Not only the Star Wars lovers who celebrate but also the fashion industry, even the high-end brands of Christian Louboutin class.

The creator of the iconic red-soles shoes, Louboutin has just released a Star Wars themed collection. There are four colactions released by Louboutin with details inspired by the 1977 film of this year.

The good news, all proceeds will be donated to charity. The shoes were auctioned from 7 to 20 December 2017. The advantage will later be given to the Starlight children’s Foundation, as part of Star Wars: Force of Change.

Here’s the look of the Louboutin x Star Wars Shoes:


Christian Louboutin releases luxury shoes themed Star Warsphoto: Doc. Louboutin x Star Wars

The Red Right section is shrouded in crystals that make it look like lightsaber. The strap is packed with brown color to portray Rey’s adventurous and brave character.

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Christian Louboutin releases luxury shoes themed Star Warsphoto: Doc. Louboutin x Star Wars

These shoes are inspired directly from the costume. The purple color reminds the hair and Cape drapery that it always wears.

Captain Phasma

Christian Louboutin releases luxury shoes themed Star Warsphoto: Doc. Louboutin x Star Wars

The colors and shapes of the shoes appear futuristic, such as the Silver Armor Captain Phasma.

Rose Tico

Christian Louboutin releases luxury shoes themed Star Warsphoto: Doc. Louboutin x Star Wars

This new Rose Tico figure will be seen in The newest series Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Golden Satin ribbon makes the shoe look fancy.

These Beautiful Shoes Are Made from Used Paper Bags

For the renowned shoe designer Christian Louboutin, inspiration can come from anywhere. No exception from secondhand paper bags.

For the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection, Louboutin ‘ conjure up ‘ scrap bags from his boutiques and studios into a beautiful row of shoes.

The material that was recycled by the 54 Designer of the year was a piece of paper from the bag commonly used as a shopping bag for guests. Louboutin then use it as an interior coated with transparent PVC material as a protector.

Expressed Sarah Schneider as Marketing & Communication Executive Christian Louboutin for the Asian region, this was her first time Louboutin experimented with scrap paper for her iconic red-Sol shoe collection.

“He never did this before. So this is really something new and fresh, “said Sarah when the event previews the Fall-Winter collection of 2018/2019 in the boutique Christian Louboutin Plaza Indonesia, central Jakarta.

The models are diverse, ranging from flat shoes, ankle boots, and stilettos with tapered front ends (pointed). Not only shoes, but also bags in the tote silhouette are enough to accommodate all the daily necessities.

Another unique offer from Louboutin for this season is the heels with decorations in the form of a genuine cloth meter. Suitable for women who want to appear fun without leaving an elegant impression.

Another Highlight of this Fall-Winter collection is the classic flat shoes ‘ Love ‘ series that comes with a touch of contemporary. This shoe is identical to the ‘ shoe cleavage ‘, which is a part of the foot fingers. The classic version, said Sarah, is the late favorite of Princess Diana. This time, the Love series comes with a witty accent.

Galian inspiration Louboutin for the season is arguably very diverse. Completing the Fall-Winter 2018/2019 collection, Louboutin also drew inspiration from furniture design. Visible from the rights made as a table support in retro style.

Interesting Facts About High Heels in Ancient Times

High heels are often used by women to showcase sexiness and elegance in dress. But do you know, if high heels in antiquity are not fashion items as we now know?

Exist since 3500 BCE, high heels have been used by humans for their activities. But not to look stylish or to be fashionable. It’s an interesting history of high heels in ancient times that you need to know.

1. High Heels worn by butcher

In ancient Egypt, high heels showed the social status of the wearer. The low-grade circles have to walk barefoot while those in higher class are allowed to wear high heels.

The high heels were made of leather that were joined together using a rope, and tied to the lower soles. In addition to the upper circles, the high heels can also be worn by butchers so that their feet are not exposed to the blood of the slauunted animals.

2. Used horsemen in the Middle East

The riding men in the Middle East in the 9th century wore high heels to make it easier to control the rate of horses they were in. As quoted from Elite Readers, high heels are very useful for Persian men while riding. Heels in shoes are useful as a hook so that their feet remain on the footing of a horse strap.

3. High Heels worn in theatre

The Romans and ancient Greeks wore high heels in the art of theatrical performances. Shoe soles are usually made of cork and are used by actors during performances to bring out the characters they make.

4. The symbol of prostitution

If worn outside the theater during Roman and ancient Greek times, the high heels were a symbol of prostitution. Yes, the use of high heels aimed at identifying prostitutes at the time.

5. High Heels to avoid dust

In the Middle Ages, people from the top wore Patten, the soles were made of wood paired with shoes to prevent mud or dust on the streets. High soles are needed because the shoes of the rich at the time were made of expensive materials and were susceptible to damage.

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